THE TWO BARBERS is a men's care products merchandiser, focusing on pomades and beard balms. Apart from the e-shop we also designed the brand identity that we really enjoyed.


There is not much to tell about this project, apart from the fact that it was pure inspiration. The client contributed the name, and for some unknown reason, the idea of the two foxes being the brand's ambassadors came up.

The brand should not just look posh, but rather aristocratic with a hint of mystery. The logo is a remake/collage of mid century engravings, while the two foxes/barbers illstration, was made from scratch using textures and parts from renaissance paintings.

The eshop's look and feel is clean, minimal and bright as to help the visitor focus on the products.


The eshop was built on top of the Open Cart platfrom. Custom made code in query and css was deployed to adust the look and feel.


Apart from the website and the logo, other applications of the brand's identiry were delivered to the client, such as shopping bags, gift boxes etc, as illustrated below.