MNP DESIGN STUDIO is one of the most acknowledged design studios in Greece. The current project entailed the development of a functional, responsive website based on the designs received by MNP.


The most challenging part of the development was the home page which is a grid consisting of the studio's works. The grid is draggable, to any direction, to infinity. However, since the number of works is finite, this was a challenge that had to be met. The algorithm for implementing this functionality, was developed in jquery and works as follows.

First groups projects in sub-grids. Then, each time the user drags the screen, a sub-grid would fill in any adjustent empty space in such a way as to avoid projects repetition.

Among other tasks, the algorith cleans "stale sub-grids" to keep the page lightweight and ensure a smooth user experience.

In addition, a backend tool was developed for inserting new projects and defining the cover photo's size and "relative" placement.

The outcome, is a home page that creates the illusion of a grid of projects that expands to infinity.

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