MOMENTS is a wedding planning agency, organising weddings and events in Crete & the Greek Islands.


The website is clean and straightforward as to emphasize on the clients work (photographs). It's fullscreen and all important content is placed above the fold.

In this way, the need for scrolling is minimized and the visitors can get a taste of the provided services in just a few clicks, without being overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

Interior pages (as illustrated above) emphasize on photography as well. Photographs occupy the greatest part of the screen, while the project's text resides on the right side. A "delayed scroll" effect is added to the text as to remain in sight while scrolling the photographs.

An additional backend tool was developed for the client as to simplify the process of uploading new projects. In a nutshell, the client just uploads all photographs to the server and in turn a PHP script resizes and matches all photographs to construct the grid, minimizing the workload to a minimum.

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