The website was developed for the "NASA SPACE APPS Greece 2017" event. The core technology used is WebGL, and enables the user to freely move in three dimensional space.


Studying our solar system for the site's needs, helped comprehend how unimaginably vast space is and how little we know about it. Taking under consideration the fact that:

a. space is just emptiness interrupted by tiny dots
b. we have never been out there to actually see it
c. it's beyond our grasp to comprehend

a modest design approach was adopted, which entailed using only the three basic colors (blue,red,yellow), basic shapes & lines.

The website invests in user interaction, behaving like an OPEN WORLD RPG. Apparently, it's not an average website and that's because its target group are people capable of solving challenges designed by NASA.


The website is based mostly on WebGL, jquery and css animation. A novel approach had to be developed as to trigger camera movement on mouse scroll/click events. Special algorithm was developed as to smooth camera moves and lock it in place between sections.


Golden EBGE Award 2018
AWWWARDS Honourable Mention
CSS Awards
CSS Winner Awards

*EBGE:Greek Design Awards


Feel free to explore the solar system by just using your mouse. You can also scroll and remember to click the main menu located at bottom left and sub menu at middle right, as not to miss anything out.

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