Interruption is a fim by Yorgos Zois, which made its debut at the 72 Vennice Film Festival. It received great reviews & was praised for its groundbreaking approach towards film making. Receiving similar reviews for the website, was the greatest reward.


The approach adopted from the beginning, was creating a remake of the movie based on web technologies inseat of a website.

Indicatively, and in relation to the film, the website takes control from the user from the very start by hiding the mouse cursor and making him follow an interactive guided intro.

The intro comprises of three videos whose role is to connect with the user. For the next video to play, the user must move the mouse. If he doesn't do so, he will be left looking at a screen that gives him the feeling of the site being broken. When the frustrated user, attempts to exit the website, the next video starts playing, triggered by the mouse move.

Finally, when the user enters the main website, he is confronted with a unfamiliar navigation approach. A vertical line, that only moves horizontaly, takes the place of the cursor. The line splits the website in two, as to present the each category's content.


The website is based mostly on jquery. A novel approach had to be developed as to allow the website to split in half and navigate without a cursor. The hard part was finding a way to press the play button for the movie trailer without having a mouse cursor at your disposal. This challenge was tackled by making the video play when the vertical line moves towards the right end of the screen. In this way, the user can pause/resume the video by just moving the vertical line.


Despina Aeraki
Head of the judging committee "EBGE! Awards 2016"

The phrase "love at first sight" describes exactly what I felt when I saw this project. Various emotions ensued. First "admiration". Because this is a truly comprehensive project, to the point, promoting the movie in full integrity. "Excitement"! I wanted to go through all of the pages and see every little detail of them. I wanted to share my excitement by sharing this with my friends. "Jealousy"! Because I would have very much liked to have thought, designed and implemented myself. I honestly haven't been impressed by a site in the last two or three years. I believe that the film's title, "Interruption", not only is describes the film and the site, but for what we know up to now for the essence of the web itself. My view is that this is a piece of work that "pushes" the boundaries of web design and development further.

Celine Tokmakidis
Member of the judging committee "EBGE! Awards 2016"

My personal award goes to... Interruption. The website made for the Interruption movie fully supports the concept of its name, and it does so in many creative ways: primarily conceptual and technical. The site becomes part of the movie and not just a means of promotion. By using small snippets from the film, it urges the viewer to discover the movie. It is based on the movie poster, and then adds what you can not get from a poster: the combination of audiovisual material. Overall it is an imaginative and technically promising approach. The site's creators went the extra mile to make a piece of work that is actually an integral part of the film's concept.


User engagement means connecting with the user and it can be achieved through the generation of emotions. For this project we choose to initially confront the user with the unknown, take him through a phase of frustration and at its peak, introduce the unexpected surprise, leaving the website visitor puzzled and curious to discover the answers hidden in the film.

The vertical line stands for the "interruption" and the final outcome is a unique website, made in the film's image and likeness.


European Design Awards Finalist 2016
"EBGE! AWARDS 2016" 1st place

*EBGE!:Greek Design Awards

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